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1 9 7 2 – 1 9 7 3 (USA)

Hugh O’Brian, Doug McClure and Tony Franciosa rotated lead roles as elite high-tech espionage operatives for the Probe Division of World Securities Corporation in this spy-sational SF-flavoured actioner from Leslie Stevens (creator of The Outer Limits) and Robert Justman (producer of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Each agent – dubbed a “Probe” – was wired for worldwide surveillance thanks to a Scanner (miniature video camera) and dental/ear implant.


Tracking their telemetry and giving real-time mission advice was a team of specialists at Probe Control directed by the brilliant, irascible V.C.R. Cameron (Burgess Meredith).

O’Brian played Lockwood, Probe One, an ex-astronaut. McClure played CR Grover, Standby Probe, and brilliant beachcomber goofball.

Franciosa played Nick Bianco, Omega Probe, a street-savvy ex-NYC cop tasked with organised crime capers.

The Probes hunted stolen moon rocks, missing agents, a deadly Probe defector and more, alongside special guest luminaries like Stefanie Powers, Bill Bixby, Mary Ann Mobley, Sebastian Cabot, Barbara Feldon, Mel Ferrer and Joanna Cameron.

Hugh Lockwood (Probe One)
Hugh O’Brian
CR Grover (Standby Probe)
Doug McClure
Nick Bianco (Omega Probe)
Tony Franciosa
V.C.R. Cameron
Burgess Meredith
Gloria Harding
Angel Tompkins
Dr Barnett
Ford Rainey (1)
Keith Andes (2)
Miss Keach
Ginny Golden
Tony De Costa
Byron Chung
Albert Popwell
Ron Castro
Amy Farrell
Tom Hallick
Miss James
Pamela Jones