Home Television Drama Spearhead


1 9 7 8 – 1 9 7 9 (UK)
13 x 60 minute episodes
1 9 8 1
6 x 60 minute episodes

Sgt Bilinski (Roy Holder) led Six Platoon, B Company, through this exciting series following the fortunes of a group of British soldiers in the (fictional) Wessex Rangers.

Episodes dealt with riot control and ambushes in Northern Ireland as well as theft within the ranks, desertion, and marital and money problems amongst members of the platoon.

The series returned in 1981 with a six-parter entitled Spearhead – in Hong Kong. B Company were now based in (have a guess) Honkers patrolling the Chinese border.

spearhead1 spearhead2

Sergeant Bilinski
Roy Holder 
Lieutenant Ken Pickering 

Martyn Jacobs 
Company Sgt Major Gilby 

Stafford Gordon 
Corporal Taffy Box 

Robin Davies
Private Mayhoe 

Gordon Case
Private/Lance Corporal Adams 

Peter Turner 
Private Twiss 

George Sweeney
Private Gadd 

Charles Cork
Tsai Adams 

Pik-Sen Lim
Colour Sgt Jackson
Michael Billington
Major Pitt
Shaughan Seymour
Major Taylor
Lawrence Davidson
Tim Hoffman
Nick Tate
Private Wilson
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Margaret Box
Lynne Jones