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Upper Crusts, The

1 9 7 3 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Lord and Lady Seacroft (Charles Gray and Margaret Leighton) are an aristocratic couple without any money who have to leave their stately home to live in a council flat after a careless rabbit steps on a shotgun and kills Lord Seacroft’s father.

Life may have been tough at the top but it’s even tougher for top people at the bottom.

Charles Gray is at his suavest and Margaret Leighton (in her first television series) tipples brandy in inimitable style and delivers her lines with withering elegance and aplomb.

The script was by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. The series from London Weekend Television debuted on Friday 2 March 1973.

Lady Seacroft
Margaret Leighton
Lord Seacroft
Charles Gray
Davina Seacroft
Lalla Ward
Gareth Seacroft
Martin Neil


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