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Great Space Coaster, The

1 9 8 1 – 1 9 8 6 (USA)

A kid’s fantasy/variety show about three friends – Francine, Danny, and Roy – who leave Earth each day in their ‘Space Coaster’.

Each episode featured several musical numbers – usually dealing with the various issues and problems kids face every day plus news reports from Gary Gnu and book reviews from Speed Reader.

In each episode, Roy showed a short film on his portable TV, often featuring segments from La Linea, an Italian animated series about a little man who is drawn using a single line at the beginning of the segment and then springs to life, communicating with his animator through high-pitched Italian mixed with gibberish.

Francine, Roy, and Danny would sing a song together in each episode and the various puppet characters would often sing songs as well.

A few years into the show’s run the MTV-like “Rockin’ with Rory” segment began, where a DJ puppet would introduce Danny and the Spacecoasters performing cover versions of 1960’s tunes.

While the action was mostly videotaped on the space set, it wasn’t unusual for the characters to venture down to Earth for filmed musical numbers.

Other characters included:

  • Baxter – A gentle clown who once worked for M.T. Promises and lives in fear of ever going back. He was the pilot of the space coaster and took the characters from Earth to the asteroid. He could magically disappear by twirling around
  • greatspacecoaster4Goriddle Gorilla – a rude, lazy, obnoxious, gravel-voiced ape
  • Knock Knock – a prissy pink woodpecker who told a lot of “knock knock” jokes
  • Edison – a robotic elephant with an echoing voice
  • Gary Gnu – a newscaster who added a “g” to words and whose catchphrase was “No Gnews Is Good Gnews”
  • M.T. Promises – A top-hatted circus ringleader forever scheming to capture Baxter the clown and take him back to the circus
  • Speed Reader – a young man who provided speed reading book reviews on the Gary Gnu Show
  • The Huggles – Small, furry creatures who had stories read to them by Baxter.

Ratings began to slip a few years in and the producers tried to correct this by bringing in new characters like the Huggles, and Rory, a wild-looking DJ puppet who presented the “Rockin’ with Rory” segment.

The show is no longer seen in reruns and isn’t available on DVD.

Emily Bindiger

Chris Gifford

Ray Stephens

Francis Kane
Goriddle Gorilla

Kevin J. Clash
Knock Knock the Woodpecker

John Lovelady (1)
Noel MacNeal (2)
Edison the Elephant

John Lovelady
Gary Gnu

Jim Martin
M.T. Promises

Jim Martin
Speed Reader

Ken Myles
The Huggles

Pam Arciero