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1 9 8 1 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Absent-minded dreamer, Des Kinvig (Tony Haygarth) lives in a town called Bingleton with his doting wife, Netta (Patsy Rowlands) and dog, cuddly.

Kinvig runs a failing electrical repair shop and barely manages to make a living from his business.

With his science fiction-freak best friend, Jim Piper (Colin Jeavons), he shares an obsession for UFOs.

One night, Des has the strangest experience when he appears to be summoned to a flying saucer.

Inside it is Miss Griffin (Prunella Gee), one of his attractive but angry customers who is transformed into a beautiful and sexy space goddess who tells him she and her friends have come from Mercury and need to enlist his help in fighting the insidious Xux who were infiltrating the Earth. She also spends most of her time barely dressed in a series of revealing space-leotards.

Kinvig embarks on a remarkable interplanetary journey, helping to save the Earth from the fiendish Xux creatures who are hell-bent on creating humanoids and . . . er . . . hanging around the Bingleton Town Hall.

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Des Kinvig 
Tony Haygarth
Netta Kinvig 

Patsy Rowlands
Jim Piper 

Colin Jeavons
Miss Griffin 

Prunella Gee
Mr Horsley 

Patrick Newell

Simon Williams

Alan Bodenham

Stephen Bent

Danny Schiller


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