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Power, The Passion, The

1 9 8 9 (Australia)

julianmcmahonpowerpassionThe Power, The Passion was another short-lived daytime Aussie soap.  This time revolving around business tycoon Gordon Miles, a man with no conscience, who is nearing the end of his life.

Miles manipulates all around him in an endless web of intrigue, often concerning his extremely rich legacy, and especially the choice and grooming of the heir to his business empire.

Sub-plots explored the domestic, love and professional lives of various members of the family’s rivalling branches and Gordon’s murky business deals.

This was the TV debut of Julian McMahon (pictured), son of former Australian Prime Minister Sir William McMahon and Lady Sonia McMahon.

Gordon Miles
Kevin Miles
Kane Edmonds
Julian McMahon
Dr. Andrew Edmonds
Alan Cassell
Danni Edmonds
Lucinda Cowden
Adam Edmonds
Neil Grant
Talia Edmonds
Susan Ellis
Ellen Byrne Edmonds
Olivia Hamnett
Catherine Byrne
Tracey Tainsh
Anna Byrne Wright
Suzy Cato
Justin Wright
George Mallaby
Samuel Wright
Danny Roberts
Ryan McAllister
Ian Rawlings
Sarah McAllister
Jill Forster
Nick Casalla
Nick Carrafa
Carla Graham
Jane Clifton
Noel Baker
Paul Dawber
Susan Walsh
Jacqui Gordon
Libby Purvis
Ross Thompson
Gerard Maguire