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1 9 8 6 (Australia)
10 x 30 minute episodes

saturdee1Adapted from the novel by Norman Lindsay, Saturdee was set in Redheap – a small town in rural Victoria, Australia – during the 1920s, and primarily followed the adventures of the mischievous and fun-loving Peter Gimble (younger brother of Bill).

The love of Peter’s life was Dolly Trimmer (Tahnee Marks). The Gimble’s maid, Maggie, was played by Tottie Goldsmith (niece of Olivia Newton-John).

Peter’s apple-cheeked partners in crime included Conky, Bulljo, Pidgeon, Milky and Bufflehead – characters who engaged in all manner of innocent devilry from dropping something nasty down their neighbour’s chimney to nicking carrots.

The mates were also fond of playing games such as “fruitbats” (hanging upside down for as long as it takes to make one’s head explode), collecting “ammo” (cowpats), having “a bit of a war” (lobbing said cowpats at each other) and propelling saliva-soaked wads of paper from home-made blowpipes.

saturdee2 saturdee

The Channel 7 series was shot on location around Creswick and Ballarat in Victoria and aired between 9 May and 11 July 1986.

Peter Gimble
Dominic McDonald
Christine Amor
Pa Gimble

David Hawkins
Bill Gimble
Stuart Davidson
Nora Gimble

Karla Harman
Uncle Ferd

Ray Chubb

Tottie Goldsmith
Dolly Trimmer

Tahnee Marks
Conky Menders

Troy Sussman

Tamsin West
Reverend Critchett

John Lee