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1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 1 (USA)
16 x 30 minute episodes

This CBS sitcom featured Lenny (Lenny Clarke) and Shelly (Lee Garlington) Callahan who lived in Boston where Lenny worked at two jobs: as a gasman for Boston Utility and a doorman at an unnamed hotel at night.

Shelly is kept busy caring for their three daughters, Kelly (Jenna von Oÿ), Tracy (Alexis Caldwell) and baby Elizabeth (played by the Hall twins).

13-year-old Kelly receives an allowance of three dollars a week. She is a complainer (like her father) and has a negative view of everything. She desperately wants cleavage and feels she is overweight, unattractive and going to be flat-chested.

Kelly attends Saint Theodore’s Catholic Grammar School.

10-year-old Tracy receives an allowance of two dollars a week. She has a doll named Wendy and a hamster she calls Fuzzball. Tracy is very bright and very knowledgeable for a girl her age (for instance, she watches a lot of television, especially the Medical Channel, and is thus an expert on all types of diseases).

Tracy also attends Saint Theodore’s.

Edward (‘Eddie’) Callahan (Peter Dobson) is Lenny’s uncouth brother who is on the run from the cops, has 1,500 unpaid parking tickets, writes bad cheques, and is wanted for mail fraud and petty theft.

Although he should be in jail, he’s just smart enough to stay one step ahead of the police, though he has no respect for anyone and, in the presence of Kelly and Tracy, refers to breasts as “ta ta’s”, “hooters” and “honkers”.

Eddie receives a disability payment (which he claims under the name Louie Lonzo by pretending to have a glass eye) and his favourite hangout is Snooky’s Copa Cabana Club.

Lenny’s father is Patrick ‘Pat’ Callahan (Eugene Roche) and his mother is Mary (Alice Drummond). His sister is Megan (Judith Hoag).

Lenny Callahan
Lenny Clarke
Shelly Callahan
Lee Garlington
Kelly Callahan
Jenna von Oÿ
Tracy Callahan
Alexis Caldwell
Eddie Callahan
Peter Dobson
Mary Callahan
Alice Drummond
Pat Callahan
Eugene Roche
Megan Callahan
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