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Black Saddle

1 9 5 9 – 1 9 6 0 (USA)
44 x 30 minute episodes

Seeing the kind of success that Warner Brothers was having with Sugarfoot (which had a young lawyer as the main protagonist), Dick Powell’s Four Star Production came up with the idea of a gunfighter giving up his weapons (after losing his brothers in a shootout) and studying for the bar and passing same.

Peter Breck was the ex-gunfighter/lawyer Clay Culhane who settled in the town of Latigo, New Mexico, under the protection of Marshal Gib Scott (Russell Johnson, who went on to fame as the Professor in Gilligan’s Island).

Carrying his law books in his saddlebags, he travelled throughout the New Mexico territory during the post-Civil War years, helping those in need of legal assistance.

Marshal Scott had a peculiar relationship with Culhane. He certainly was handy to have around if he was on your side, but his reputation brought trouble to the town that Marshal Scott didn’t need.

Clay Culhane
Peter Breck
Marshal Gib Scott
Russell Johnson
Nora Travers