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Love That Jill

1 9 5 8 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

They had previously been the Kerbys (the ghosts) on Topper. This time, in Love That Jill, real-life husband and wife Anne Jeffreys and Robert Sterling were teamed in another sitcom.

Here they were competing modelling company agents on New York City’s Madison Avenue.

Robert Sterling played Jack Gibson of Gibson’s Girls. Anne Jeffreys was Jill Johnson of Model Girls, Incorporated.

Even though they were fierce competitors on the job, they were actually very much in love. The fact that their names were Jack and Jill made for a cute gimmick.

Others in the cast included Barbara Nichols as Ginger; Jimmy Lydon as Jill’s male secretary, Richard; and Betty Lynn as Jack’s female secretary, Pearl.

Every episode of the show ended with Jack saying the words “Love that Jill.”

Jack Gibson
Robert Sterling
Jill Johnson
Anne Jeffreys
Barbara Nichols
Jimmy Lydon
Betty Lynn