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Two Girls Named Smith

1 9 5 1 (USA)

This ABC series was broadcast live to air and told the story of two female cousins named Smith – Barbara “Babs” Smith (Peggy Ann Garner) and Francis “Fran” Smith (Peggy French) – who moved from Omaha to New York City to pursue their dreams: Babs as a singer and Fran as a fashion designer.

The girls acquired an apartment at 514 East 51st Street where their landlord, Mr Basmany (Joseph Buloff), was also their friend and advisor.

Fran’s boyfriend was attorney Jeffrey Carter (Kermit Kegley).

Garner missed a few weeks of the show in July and August and was replaced by Nina Foch.

Then, after a very brief return, Garner left the series for good in September 1951 and her replacement was Marcia Henderson.

The show aired at noon on Saturdays but was cancelled when it was dropped by its sponsor, B.T. Babbitt.

Barbara “Babs” Smith
Peggy Ann Garner (1)
Nina Foch (2)
Marcia Henderson (3)
Francis “Fran” Smith
Peggy French
Mr Basmany
Joseph Buloff
Jeffrey Carter
Kermit Kegley