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Courtship Of Eddie’s Father, The

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 1 (USA)
78 x 30 minute episodes

This ABC series was based on a novel by Mark Toby and was about a widower raising his young son alone.

The father, Tom Corbett (Bill Bixby), and his son Eddie (Brandon Cruz) were seen in amusing episodes that sometimes revolved around Eddie trying to match his father up with an attractive young woman.

There was a simple charm to this series that viewers responded to favourably, and the show remained on the air for two and a half years, in spite of lukewarm reviews.

Also appearing in the series were Mrs Livingstone, Tom’s dependable but often confused Oriental housekeeper, his secretary Tina, and his friend, photographer Norman Tinker.


Soon to be famous as a film star, Jodie Foster was also seen in the show playing Eddie’s school friend, Joey Kelly, during the 1970 – 1971 and 1971 – 1972 seasons.

The theme music was Best Friends by Harry Nilsson.

Tom Corbett
Bill Bixby
Eddie Corbett

Brandon Cruz
Mrs Livingstone

Miyoshi Umeki
Norman Tinker

James Komack

Kristina Holland
Joey Kelly

Jodie Foster
Harold O’Brien
Willie Aames
Mr Landon
Jerry Stiller
Annie Dempsey
Anne Meara