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Hey Landlord!

1 9 6 6 – 1 9 6 7 (USA)
32 x 30 minute episodes

A short-lived sitcom about Woody Banner (Will Hutchins), a carefree young man from Ohio, who inherited a brownstone apartment building at 140 West 41st Street, Manhattan, from his late uncle.

He shared his apartment with up-and-coming stand-up comedian Chuck Hookstratten (Sandy Baron), who also happened to be a brash New York City boy.

The apartment they shared was rather eclectic and was equipped with a suit of armour, bunk beds, and stacks upon stacks of books blocking the staircase.

Aspiring writer Woody spent his life looking after the apartments in the building, becoming involved with his tenants, trying on various jobs and girls for size, and putting up with his roommate.


The two bachelors hit it off pretty well but occasionally things became a bit strained.

When they got sick of each other, there was a whole city full of beautiful girls waiting to be swept off their feet.

Tenants in the apartment building included Jack Ellerhorn (Michael Constantine), a quick-tempered photographer with an ulcer who was constantly griping about the lack of heat in his apartment; fastidious Mrs Henderson (Ann Morgan Guilbert) who constantly required repairs to the things her several very mischievous children broke; and voluptuous, scatterbrained ‘Timmy’ Morgan (Pamela Rodgers) and her equally lovely roommate Kyoko Mitsui (Miko Mayama).

Sally Field guested as Woody’s sister, Bonnie Banner.

This was the first TV show from Garry Marshall who went on to fame and fortune with TV shows Happy DaysMork and Mindy and movies including Pretty Woman (1990).

Some of the scripts from Hey Landlord! were recycled for Marshall’s hit 1970s sitcom, Laverne and Shirley.

Woodrow ‘Woody’ Banner
Will Hutchins
Charles ‘Chuck’ Hookstratten
Sandy Baron
Jack Ellenhorn
Michael Constantine
Theresa ‘Timmy’ Morgan
Pamela Rodgers
Kyoko Mitsui
Miko Mayama
Mrs Henderson
Ann Morgan Guilbert