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1 9 6 7 – 1 9 6 9 (Australia)
65 x 60 minute episodes

This Australian spy drama series presented the cases of special agent John Hunter (ex-news anchor Tony Ward) especially his dealings with the evil CUCW (Council for the Unification of the Communist World) and their top agent Kragg (Gerard Kennedy).

Hunter had a side-kick, Eve Halliday (Fernande Glyn), and worked for Blake (Nigel Lovell), who headed up the organisation which was the cover for Hunter’s counter-spy activities for the Commonwealth Government.

Rod Mullinar took over the lead role for the final 11 episodes, and as the character of Kragg became more popular the producers decided to have him defect to the West.


The series made a bonafide star of Gerard Kennedy, who would go on to even greater success in Division 4 and Tandarra.

John Hunter
Tony Ward
Gerard Kennedy
Charles Blake
Nigel Lovell
Mr. Smith
Ronald Morse
Eve Halliday
Fernande Glyn
Kevin Sanders
Miss Pendle
Dorothy Bradley
Julie Coleman
Ann Morgan
Gil Martin
Rod Mullinar