Home Television Drama Jericho


1 9 6 6 – 1 9 6 7 (USA)
16 x 60 minute episodes

The secret team, operating under the code name JERICHO, were a trio of Allied specialists who operated as intelligence agents and saboteurs deep behind Nazi lines during WWII.

Franklin Sheppard (Don Francks), of American Army Intelligence, was their commanding officer, demolitions expert and chief planner. Lieutenant Jean-Gaston Andre (Marino Mase), of the Free French Air Force, was a master of weapons.

Nicholas Gage, of the British Navy, was a former circus performer (high-wire artist) whose speciality was getting in and out of Nazi installations – played by pop star John Leyton.

Their deadliest tool was their teamwork, as they operated with stealth and precision from North Africa to the Balkans and the Near East engaging in sabotage, espionage, intelligence and counter-intelligence, ambush, rescue and escape.

In one episode they smuggled an entire symphony orchestra – all 101 musicians – out of Occupied France. In another, they blew up submarine pens by passing out loaves of bread baked with explosives.

Franklin Sheppard
Don Francks
Nicholas Gage
John Leyton
Jean-Gaston Andre
Marino Masé