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Bobby Dazzler

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 8  (Australia)
14 x 30 minute episodes

Aussie pop star and five-time “King of Pop” Johnny Farnham starred in this ill-fated series as up and coming pop star Bobby Farrell.


The other regular cast members were Maurie Fields as Bobby’s father Fred – a former vaudeville performer who re-enters Bobby’s life (and moves into Bobby’s flat) after an absence of many years, and Olivia Hamnett as Bobby’s officious manager Della McDermott (referred to behind her back as “Dracula’s daughter”).

Terry Norris also appeared in a support role, as Bobby’s Uncle Oz. Carla Hoogeveen featured in a storyline that spanned three episodes as Bobby’s girlfriend Allison.

Guests in the various episodes included Sigrid Thornton, Peter Adams, Shane Porteous, Ernie Bourne, Lucky Grills, Belinda Green, Sheila Florance and Rowena Wallace.

The series aired on the Australian Seven network during the summer of 1977/78.

Bobby Farrell
Johnny Farnham
Fred Farrell
Maurie Fields
Della McDermott
Olivia Hamnett
Uncle Oz
Terry Norris
Carla Hoogeveen
George Spartels


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