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Emerald Point N.A.S

1 9 8 3 (USA)
22 x 60 minute episodes

Set at the Emerald Point Naval Air Station in Southern California, this CBS series followed the professional and family problems of the station commander.

The man in charge was Rear Admiral Thomas Mallory (Dennis Weaver), a widower and the father of three beautiful daughters.

Celia, 28, (Susan Dey) hated the Navy but was married to a Navy lawyer. Kay, 24, (Stephanie Dunnam) had eyes for a handsome young pilot called Glenn (Andrew Stevens) who – alas – was engaged to Hilary Adams (Sela Ward), a calculating chameleon who happened to be Kay’s best friend.

Then there was the youngest daughter, Leslie, 22 (Doran Clark) who made Dad proud by graduating from Annapolis to carry on the family tradition. The series ran for just one season.


Rear Admiral Thomas Mallory
Dennis Weaver
Celia Mallory Warren
Susan Dey
Kay Mallory Matthews
Stephanie Dunnam
Andrew Stevens
Deanna Kincaid
Jill St John
Maggie Farrell
Maud Adams
Lt. Cmdr. Jack Warren
Charles Frank
Ensign Leslie Mallory
Doran Clark
Lt. Glenn Matthews
Andrew Stevens
Hilary Adams
Sela Ward
Harlan Adams
Robert Vaughn
Lt. Simon Adams
Richard Dean Anderson
Admiral Yuri Bukharin
Robert Loggia
Lt. Alexi Gorichenko
Michael Carven
David Marquette
Michael Brandon
Scott Farrell
Darryl Cooksey