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Law and Harry McGraw, The

1 9 8 7 – 1 9 8 8 (USA)
16 x 60 minute episodes

The character of private investigator Harry McGraw appeared several times in the television series, Murder, She Wrote, and here starred in his own series as the owner-operator of Harry McGraw Private Investigations in Boston.

Harry (Jerry Orbach) is tough, disorganised and irritable. He is reluctant to tell the whole truth, or “the straight skinny” as he calls it and believes he attracts the worst clients – missions of mercy clients.

In the fine tradition of Jim Rockford he rarely uses a gun and relies on his fists, and once on a case, his seedy and abrasive side appears. He becomes relentless and a determined fact finder despite the dangerous obstacles he might encounter.

He is also a master of disguise and uses deception to trick suspects into revealing information.

He has a police record (he was once arrested by the Boston Police for suspicion of murder and burglary) and had his private investigator’s license suspended four times in three years.

Harry has a gambling problem and especially likes to play the horses. He lives in an untidy apartment on Melrose. He uses the resources of the local paper, the Morning Bulletin, and hangs out at a bar called Gilhooley’s.

Ellie Maginnis (Barbara Babcock), a widowed criminal attorney with the firm of Maginnis and Maginnis, has the office opposite Harry’s agency. Helping him out is his niece, who is the receptionist in his office, and also lending a hand is Maginnis’ nephew, who is an associate in her office.

Harry McGraw
Jerry Orbach
Ellie Maginnis
Barbara Babcock