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Our Family Honor

1 9 8 5 – 1 9 8 6 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Vincent Danzig (Eli Wallach) and Patrick “Pat” McKay (Ken McMillan) were childhood friends who grew up in the same neighbourhood in New York City.

Vincent took the criminal path and became the head of a New York crime syndicate. Pat followed in a proud family tradition and became a policeman, and was now dedicated to destroying the Danzig criminal empire. The series centred on the clash between the Danzigs and the McKays.

Pat and his wife, Katherine (Georgann Johnson) lived at 6340 Bridge Street in Manhattan. Patrick began his career as a patrolman and was the chief of operations when first introduced in the series. He soon became the police commissioner.

Frank McKay (Tom Mason) was Pat’s son and a detective with the 8th Precinct in Manhattan. The newspapers reported that Frank was “the man who is single-handedly cleaning up New York City”. Others said he used “Gestapo tactics” to apprehend criminals.

Matthew “Matt” McKay (James O’Sullivan) was Pat’s second-born son, a criminal attorney also seeking to destroy the Danzig family. His wife was Roxanne (Juanin Clay).

Pat’s granddaughter Liz (Daphne Lee Ashbrook) was a police officer with Unit 41 of the 8th Precinct. Liz (badge number 9514) rode in patrol car 2708 with her partner, Officer Ed Santini (Ray Liotta) – badge number 3210.

The Danzigs lived in a mansion at 63-1432 Southcrest Lane on Long Island. Vincent was married to Marianne (Barbara Stuart), his second wife – his first wife died two years after the birth of his son, August (Michael Madsen), known as “Auggie”.

Augie was married to Rita (Sheree J. Wilson) and the father of a young son named Mark (Scott Sherk). He preferred to use violence to achieve his goals.

Vincent’s other son was Jerry (Michael Woods), a lawyer for the First Federated Bank in Manhattan who used the name “Jerry Cole” in order to have his own life away from the Danzig family.

The conflict between the two families had more twists than a bowl of linguine. For instance, rookie cop Liz McKay was dating Jerry Cole – unaware of his family connections.

Patrick “Pat” McKay
Kenneth McMillan
Vincent Danzig
Eli Wallach
Katherine McKay
Georgann Johnson
Det. Sgt. Frank McKay
Tom Mason
Officer Elizabeth “Liz” McKay

Daphne Lee Ashbrook
Jerry Cole (Danzig)
Michael Woods
August “Augie” Danzig
Michael Madsen
Marianne Danzig
Barbara Stuart
Rita Danzig
Sheree J. Wilson
George Bennett
Ron Karabatsos
Officer Ed Santini
Ray Liotta
Mark Danzig
Scott Sherk
Matthew “Matt” McKay
James O’Sullivan
Roxanne McKay
Juanin Clay
Patricia Duff