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Dexter’s Laboratory

1 9 9 6 – 2 0 0 3 (USA)
79 x 23 minute episodes

Dexter is a young boy who also happens to be a genius. He has a secret laboratory under the house which he accesses through the wall of his bedroom, in which he conducts experiments, dressed in a white lab coat, large rubber gloves and boots.

His parents are totally unaware that their son has a high I.Q. or that he even has a lab.

Dexter can solve absolutely anything through science. He also feels comfortable in his lab. The outside world is a different story, however. There, he is like a fish out of water and has a difficult time handling the problems of real life.

Dee Dee is Dexter’s older sister, who knows about the lab but keeps his secret.

Stories follow Dexter – both in his dream world and in the outside world – as he struggles to solve the problems he encounters through science.

Voice actress Christine Cavanaugh stopped portraying Dexter during the show’s third season in 2001 when she retired from the voice business. She was replaced by Candi Milo.

Cavanaugh passed away on 22 December 2014.

Christine Cavanaugh (1)
Candi Milo (2)
Dee Dee
Allison Moore (1)
Kat Cressida (2)
Dexter’s mother
Kath Soucie
Dexter’s father
Jeff Bennett
Eddie Deezen
Frank Welker
Tom Kenny
Major Glory
Rob Paulsen