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Swamp Thing

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 3 (USA)
72 x 30 minute episodes

“The swamp is my world. It is where I am, it is what I am. I was once a man, I know the evil men do. Do not bring your evil here. I warn you – beware the wrath of Swamp Thing.”

In Huma, Georgia, scientist Dr Alec Holland (Lonnie Smith) has been experimenting with a restorative formula to arrest the ageing process.

It permeates the cellular structure, changing the DNA and rejuvenating the body’s cells at such a vastly accelerated rate that, theoretically, no one will ever grow old.

Evil scientist Dr Anton Arcane (Mark Lindsay Chapman) has also been experimenting – attempting to bring his dead wife, Tatania (Heather Thomas, pictured below), back to life via biogenetic transformation.

When Arcane learns about Alec’s formula, he attempts to buy it from him but Alec refuses to sell it. Arcane then breaks into Alec’s lab to steal the formula, a fight ensues and, during the struggle, Alec is dowsed with the restorative formula.

The formula ignites and Alec is set on fire. To save himself, he jumps into the swamp outside the lab.

As Arcane takes Alec’s wife Linda (Martha Smith) to safety, the lab explodes and Alec is believed to have perished in the flames. The swamp water reacts with the restorative formula, however, and turns Alec into a mutant hybrid of plant and man – Swamp Thing.

Stories relate the efforts of Swamp Thing (Dick Durock) to stop Arcane (pictured at right) from experimenting with biogenetics and creating hideous creatures called “Unmen” as he attempts to bring his wife back to life.

Sunlight provides Swamp Thing’s strength (without it he will die).

While Arcane seeks to kill Swamp Thing, Alec will not kill him (“To kill you is to become you”). Swamp Thing uses his plant power to turn his enemies into trees.

Tressa Kipp (Carrell Myers) runs the Kipp Boat Rentals and Swamp Tours in Huma. Her son Jim (Jesse Zeigler) and stepson Will (Scott Garrison) become Swamp Thing’s friends and aides. Savannah (Patricia Helwick) is Tressa’s mother.

Abigail (Kari Wuhrer) is one of Arcane’s test creatures who did not mutate. She is beautiful, has telepathic powers and now helps Swamp Thing.

Shot on location at the Universal Studios and Gatorland theme parks in Orlando, Florida (many rides and attractions are visible throughout), Swamp Thing was based on the 1982 film of the same title.

Swamp Thing
Dick Durock
Dr Arcane
Mark Lindsay Chapman
Tressa Kipp
Carrell Myers
Jim Kipp
Jesse Zeigler
Will Kipp
Scott Garrison
Kevin Quigley
Kari Wuhrer
Alec Holland
Lonnie Smith
Heather Thomas
Linda Holland
Martha Smith
Savannah Langford
Patricia Helwick