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Run, Joe, Run

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 6 (USA)
26 x 30 minute episodes

“Wanted, German Shepherd; male; name: Joe. Accused of attacking his trainer, Sergeant Corey, a crime he did not commit. Before he can prove Joe’s innocence, Sergeant Corey is ordered back to active duty. Then Joe meets Josh McCoy, a new and permanent friend who doesn’t know about Joe’s past. Together they make their way across the country finding new friends and adventures wherever they go”.

Joe, a trained German Shepherd of the military’s K-9 Corp, is falsely accused of attacking his master, Sergeant Corey (Arch Whiting) but manages to escape before being killed, and a $200 bounty is put on his head.

While Sergeant Corey tries to find him before the authorities do, Joe manages to help the people he encounters on his travels.

Although Corey always came close, he never managed to find Joe. During the second season, Corey was called back to duty and Joe teamed up with hiker Josh McCoy (Chad States) and continued on his trek while helping others.

For most scenes, Joe was played by “Heinrich of Midvale”, producer William D’Angelo’s dog.

Arch Whiting passed away on 7 May 2007.

Sergeant William Corey 
Arch Whiting 
Josh McCoy 

Chad States