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1 9 8 0 (USA)
29 x 30 minute episodes

flo_783In this spin-off from the popular comedy series Alice, waitress Florence Castleberry leaves Mel’s Diner and heads off to a new job in Houston.

On the way, she stops off in her old hometown of Cowtown, Texas, and on a dare, she buys a dilapidated roadhouse, renames the place Flo’s Yellow Rose and fixes the place up.

The rowdy redhead does her best to become a success as she deals with employees, family and friends including bartender Earl (Geoffrey Lewis), her raucous Mama (Sudie Bond), prim spinster sister Fran (Lucy Lee Flippin) and the wackiest ole boys in the state- including pianist Les and greedy banker Farley Waters.


Florence Jean ‘Flo’ Castleberry
Polly Holliday
Earl Tucker
Geoffrey Lewis
Mama Velma Castleberry
Sudie Bond
Farley Waters
Jim Baker
Randy Stumphill
Leo Burmester
Les Kincaid
Stephen Keep Mills
Fran Castleberry
Lucy Lee Flippin
Miriam Willoughby
Joyce Bulifant