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Suzanne Pleshette Is Maggie Briggs

1 9 8 4 (USA)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Maggie Briggs (Suzanne Pleshette) works for the financially troubled New York Examiner.  Trying to turn things around, the editors add a new feature called Modern Living.

Accustomed to writing hard-hitting pieces, Maggie is horrified that she is now being asked to write about puppy dogs and nuns, but she is assured she will still be asked to write the hard pieces – just about different topics than she is used to writing about.

John Getz plays Maggie’s handsome playboy editor, Geoff Bennett. Her mentor is Walter Holden (Kenneth McMillian) and her best friend is model Connie Piscipoli (Peter Falk’s real-life wife, Shera Danese)

Suzanne Pleshette co created the short-lived show.

Maggie Briggs
Suzanne Pleshette
Geoff Bennett
John Getz
Walter Holden
Kenneth McMillan
Connie Piscipoli
Shera Danese