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Mr Trimble

1 9 7 1 – 1 9 7 7 (UK)

This 20-minute Yorkshire Television children’s programme was a mixture of live actors and puppets, with live action and film.

Mr Trimble (a cross between Dr Who and Mr Pastry) lived in the attic of a house with his talking goldfish Glug and his magic telescope through which he would watch short educational films.

Downstairs in the house lived a pop group comprising Peter, Paul and Jim, who would pop up to sing with Mr Trimble.

mrtrimble1 mrtrimble2

Maureen Sutcliffe and Juliet Cooke provided the voices for the various puppet characters and Maureen’s actor husband Tony Boden played the title role of Mr Trimble.

Other puppet characters included Barney (a cheeky red headed boy), Tickle (a bear) and Squark (a cross between a parrot and an eagle).

Produced by ex-pat Australian Bill Cole, the show featured puppets from the Harlequin Puppet Theatre in North Wales.

The long-running series was cancelled when Cole returned to Australia in 1977.

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Mister Trimble
Tony Boden
Peter Gosling
Paul Spinetti
Jim Bywater
Mrs Brown
Wendy King
Puppet Voices
Maureen (Mo) Sutcliffe
Juliet Cooke