Home Television Drama Outlaws


1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 7 (USA)
12 x 60 minute episodes

In 1899, Texan Sheriff John Grail (Rod Taylor) was leading a posse after a gang of bank robbers lead by Harland Pike (William Lucking) – a gang that he himself had been a member of at one time, before deciding to go straight and become a lawman.

outlaws4Caught in a strange electrical storm in a Native American burial ground, Grail and the Pike gang found themselves transported forward through time to modern day Texas in 1986.

Not knowing what else to do, and trying hard to fit into their new surroundings, Grail was able to talk the men into buying a ranch, which they named the Double Eagle Ranch. The group then opened a detective agency (called The Double Eagle Detective Agency) and brought back old fashioned justice.

The five cowboys wore modern outfits that were replicas of their old clothes and used their own old weapons.

Lt. Maggie Randall befriended the gang, tried her best to keep them out of trouble and also had a little bit of a soft spot for Grail.

The series co-starred Charles Napier as Wolfson “Wolf” Lucus, Patrick Houser as Billy Pike, Richard Roundtree as Isaiah “Ice” McAdams and Christina Belford as Lt. Maggie Randall.

Sheriff Jonathan Grail
Rod Taylor
Harland Pike
William Lucking
Wolfson ‘Wolf’ Lucas
Charles Napier
William Pike
Patrick Houser
Isaiah ‘Ice’ McAdams
Richard Roundtree
Lt. Maggie Randall
Christine Belford