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Sister Kate

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 0 (USA)
19 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived NBC comedy had a nun looking after seven orphaned kids at Redemption House, a Catholic Residence for Children (“most major credit cards accepted”).

The orphans were teenagers Todd (Jason Priestley), April (Erin Reed) and Freddy (Hannah Cutrona), 12-year-old Hilary (Penina Segall), 11-year-old Eugene (Harley Cross), 9-year-old Violet (Alexaundria Simmons) and 7-year-old Neville (Joel Robinson).

The kids could be pretty unruly and had managed to scare off the last three priests. Now hard-boiled nun Sister Kate (Stephanie Beacham) was in charge.

April was a stunning blonde who desperately hoped her mother, Julia Newberry (Sally Struthers) would overcome her clinical depression and come back for her. Following her husband’s death, Julia retreated to her own world and wound up at
the Brookhaven Mental Institution.

Freddy (Frederika), the victim of a broken home, had a tough exterior but longed for her con artist father, Nick Marasco (Dan Hedaya), to clean up his act and return for her.

Wheelchair-bound Hilary was desperately seeking love and knew, deep in her heart, that no one would adopt her. She struggled to be like the other kids and hid the hurt she felt with a cheerful attitude.

Violet was the most charming of the children and had the greatest chance for adoption.

Neville – who Sister Kate believed was a devil in the guise of a little boy – was exactly the opposite. He was from Jamaica and seemed to despise females. He was nasty to everyone (even Sister Kate) and envious if a girl could do something he could not.

The character of Neville was dropped without explanation and replaced by a cute orphan boy named Buster (Miko Hughes).

Seminars were held on Sundays to allow prospective parents to interview the children. Kate, however, knew her charges were rude and obnoxious and would never find a home.

Lucas Underwood (Gordon Jump) was the field director of Diocesan Children’s Services. He had the nickname ‘Spanky’ and allowed Kate $30 per month spending money.

Sister Katherine ‘Kate’ Lambert
Stephanie Beacham
Eugene Colodner
Harley Cross
Frederika ‘Freddy’ Marasco
Hannah Cutrona
Todd Mahaffey
Jason Priestley
April Newberry
Erin Reed
Neville Williams
Joel Robinson
Hilary Logan
Penina Segall
Violet Johnson
Alexaundria Simmons
Lucas Underwood
Gordon Jump
Miko Hughes